#PinchMe Box Review

I’m a member of @pinchme and was allowed to test and review these products for free. Thanks @PinchMe @Sheamoisture @Splenda @OlayUS @GoddessGarden @GoldBond

@Pinchme @Olay @Sheamoisture @GoddessGarden @GoldBond @Splenda
@Pinchme @Olay @Sheamoisture @GoddessGarden @GoldBond @Splenda

This is my first PinchMe box and I’m so happy about it, I loved testing all the products and can’t wait to do more.

The @OlayUS is amazing, it smells fantastic and left my body feeling silky smooth and the mint intensified the fresh and clean feeling. I will definitely be purchasing more of this when I run out.

The @GoldBond Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion is a must have for dry sensitive skin. It hydrates the skin without feeling greasy, it absorbs fairly quickly and has a nice scent too.

The @Sheamoisture baby wash & shampoo, and baby lotion are excellent!! They contain raw Shea, Chamomile, & Argan oil which not only helps baby relax but leaves them feeling extra soft and smelling great. I love @Sheamoisture and recommend their products to everyone!!

The @Splenda minis sweet no calorie dissolvable tablets are perfect for on-the-go. The travel pack contains 100 tablets to help sweeten your day and are easily dissolved in hot or cold beverages adding the perfect amount of sweetness.

The @GoddessGarden Organics Sunny Kids natural sunscreen with SPF30 isn’t my favorite sunscreen. I like that it is water resistant for up to 40 minutes, is made with organic ingredients and is cruelty free. I don’t like its consistency or lack thereof…it pours out of the bottle like water and is very runny making it messy and hard to apply evenly. I haven’t tried their spray mist sunscreen or any other products by them, however I personally do not like this specific product.

I enjoyed sharing my Pinchme box with all of you, and hope you have enjoyed this review. Get your own pinchme box by signing up at http://www.pinchme.com

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