#Johnsonville Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Grillers Review

@Johnsonville #SausageFamily
@Johnsonville #SausageFamily

I am a member of the @Crowdtap community. I received a coupon free from @Crowdtap to test the new Johnsonville Cheddar Cheese & Bacon flavor Grillers.

Myself and my family have enjoyed several products from the Johnsonville family, but this is one product that we are split on. I personally didn’t enjoy them, not because they weren’t good, they just didn’t taste like I expected I guess. The best description of taste is like breakfast without eggs and pancakes. Another I had with them was the cheese balls (literal cheese balls you could see throughout the grillers), they made the burgers stick to the grill almost charring them. All in all I’m sure we will continue buying Johnsonville brands but maybe not this particular product.

Thanks for reading I hope you’ve found this post informative, feel free to contact me with any questions or requests. Don’t forget to get your next freebie at http://www.crowdtap.com


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