PinchME Box

This is the goodies from my PinchME Box, I received these products free, to try before I buy them. I received Shea Moisture Sensitive Skin Mud Mask, Garnier Whole Blends shampoo and conditioner, Garnier Clearly Brighter sunscreen, Sunology, Eucerin in shower moisturizer body wash, Skinny Pop popcorn yum yum healthy and tasty and last but not least ZzzQuil to help you get that good night sleep you need without forming a habit. I’m a huge fan of Shea Moisture and Garnier products and highly recommend them. I love that the Sunology is a natural sunscreen and could have really used it a few weeks ago when I got sunburnt but hindsight is 20/20. I really enjoyed the Eucerin it left me feeling soft and smooth without feeling oily after the shower. The ZzzQuil is good for helping you get a good nights sleep without having the lasting effects of other medications that make you feel more groggy and it’s nonhabit forming. This has been one of my favorite PinchME Boxes because it had a lot of awesome goodies that I love in it, I hope you have enjoyed it too. Be sure to sign up for PinchME now to get your own box of goodies next month (they do monthly goodies for those who qualify) and we can both enjoy an adventure down the rabbit hole.

@JessNJoni @GarnierUSA #WholeBlends @SheaMoisture @ZzzQuil @EucerinUS @Sunology @TheSkinnyPop




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