Some of you (those who don’t follow me on social media) have been wondering where I have been, why haven’t I updated in “forever” because you’ve been counting LOL. I haven’t died, and I’m not locked away in a far off castle somewhere. I have been ADULTING!! Now let me say that it’s not as bad as it sounds; during my hiatus my family and I have moved from our old two-bedroom apartment, and into our new forever home!! That’s right we are homeowners for the first time ever, we were blessed to find a three-bedroom, 2 bathroom home with a full kitchen, sitting room, and den; we also have a HUGE shop and yard; plenty of space for all of us to live comfy. We finally have everything unpacked and put away so I will have more free time to update here more often. Thank you everyone who has expressed concern, I’m sorry I didn’t update sooner, I appreciate you all for taking time out of your day to check on me, and sticking with me throughout this hiatus.




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