What Time is it??

What Time is it??

What Time is it??
Time for an upgrade…with summer just around the corner it’s time to throw out that old watch you’ve been toting around and get fashion forward, with a new multi-functional wrist watch.
• Water Resistant
• Back Light
• Calendar, Date & Week
• Five Independent Alarms
• 12/24 Hour Format
• LED Display
• Dustproof
• Stop Watch
This sleek black wrist watch is both comfortable and stylish. The waterproof feature allows you to feel free wearing it in the shower or while swimming in the lake. The durable material makes it resistant to scratches, drops and bumps from everyday use. The soft, flexible, anti-sweat strap allows for a close skin fitting that’s smooth and comfortable. The large face screen LED back-light design allows you to check the time easily at night and the fancy dial adds the perfect amount of pizzazz to this amazing time piece.
To purchase this product for yourself visit the link below.
***Disclaimer*** I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
#WristWatch #WaterProof #MilitaryTime #TimePiece #ClockWork

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