Circo mini GPS Tracker

Circo mini GPS Tracker


I’m sure many will agree when I say the world isn’t what it once was. Now days we need to keep track of everything no matter how minute it may seem; this has added a substantial amount of stress to families all over.

As parent’s we always want the best for our families, we work tirelessly to provide them the best life possible and yet sometimes at the end of the day it just doesn’t feel like it was quiet enough. As parent’s we are also vigilant over our families, we want to protect and shelter them from the harsh realities of the world for as long as we can, especially in today’s world; but we can’t always be with them to help protect them, to make sure they are safe….until now.

Say hello to the latest and greatest real time GPS tracker.

No more panicking when your child’s bus is late dropping them off. No more stressing about your children walking home from school. No more needless worrying about field trips that you can’t attend. With the Circo GPS tracker you will finally get the peace of mind you deserve. The Circo GPS tracker can tell you where your child is at within 2 meters of accuracy, all in real time. For younger children simply attach the Circo GPS tracker to their backpack or coat. Have a teenager, install this tracker in their car, or attach it to their cellphone. No more stressing about them arriving safely at their destination. This is a great safety measure that let’s your children be children, while saving you some sanity. You take good care of your kids, let Circo GPS tracker take care of the rest.

Please note: This device requires a 2G sim card that is not included.

To purchase your Circo GPS Tracker today visit


XO Jessie


***Disclaimer*** I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinions.


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