SmileActives Teeth Whitening Pen

SmileActives Teeth Whitening Pen

Let’s talk pearly whites. Summer is here and everyone is busting out with their nicely tanned, toned bodies and beautifully whitened teeth. Now it’s easier than ever to achieve beautiful white teeth that many only acquire from visiting a dentist office, right in your own home with Smileactives Teeth Whitening Pen.

Teeth Whitening Pen
Smileactives Whitening Pen – Vanilla Mint

Smileactives product line was designed by chemist and dentist, it offers you dentist level whitening inexpensively and conveniently at home. All Smileactives products use hydrogen peroxide which is 3 times as strong as carbomide peroxide used in most competitive products.

The Smileactives Teeth Whitening Pen is easy to use too; simply crank the bottom until you see the gel on the brushes, apply the gel to your teeth, crank the bottom again when more gel is needed. After applying don’t eat or drink for at least 20 minutes. That’s it, no strips, no rinsing.

This Teeth Whitening Pen is small enough to stash in your pocket or purse for instant whitening when your out and about too. This pen is also safe for bridges, veneers, and caps but can only whiten them back to their original shade.

Are you ready for your perfectly white smile, then click here and use code Jessiesgirl to get a 15% discount on your Smileactives Teeth Whitening Pen today.

Smile Bright, Live Happy

XO Jessie

** Code good thru August 2017 **


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