Sometimes Life is Crap

Sometimes Life is Crap


We’ve all been there, a moment in life that we considered to be absolute crap. In that moment it seems like no matter how hard we try NOTHING is working in our favor, and we convince ourselves momentarily that our life has become the epitome of Murphy’s Law “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Some of us spend anywhere from minutes to months dwelling on the negative and not focusing enough on the positives in our lives. We forget how resilient we are, how far we’ve come and how much life still has to offer us. We waste our energy on things we cannot change, instead of focusing our energy on the things we can.

Make today different…today’s “crap” will not determine our future, it will not deter us from achieving our goals, and it will not define us as a person. Today we will laugh at the “crap” in our lives, because everyone knows laughter is the best medicine.

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Life is Crap

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XO Jessie


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2 thoughts on “Sometimes Life is Crap

  1. Hey Jessie, I really enjoyed this short but sweet read! It’s always nice to get that boost of encouragement to get you through the rough patch of negativity that comes to your mind.


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