Maywood Creek Essentials

Maywood Creek Essentials


Let’s face it we live in a world that seems to be full of vain people, those people who judge you based on your looks as opposed to your abilities and talents. Being young and pretty is the “in” thing and getting older is out of the question. Every body seems to be seeking a way to battle the aging process; we want to stop it completely or do it gracefully and as slowly as possible. Not everyone can afford Botox or Restylane injections, or weekly facials to help fight this inevitable battle. If you are like me you want to fight the battle but also are cautious about bombarding your skin with tons of chemicals that may damage it in the long run.

Recently I got the opportunity to try out the Maywood Creek Essentials Anti-aging moisturizer. Its organic handcrafted moisturizer, that provides advanced healing for all skin types. It reduces fine lines, redness, dark circles, and sunspots.

It’s easy to use, you apply it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night after you’ve cleansed your face. Massage the moisturizer with your fingertips onto your forehead, nose, cheeks, under eyes and chin. This product is concentrated so a small amount goes a long way!

After using this amazing moisturizer the first time, my skin felt so much more alive, it was soft, smooth and completely hydrated, which doesn’t come easy for me so I was pleasantly surprised. This product absorbs well into the skin, it’s not greasy and doesn’t leave a film or residue behind. It’s odorless and feels velvety to the touch and leaves the skin feeling fantastic.

Don’t be the last to join the battle against aging, grab your bottle of Maywood Creek Essentials Anti-aging moisturizer today by going to and be sure to check out the entire Maywood Creek Essentials line too.


XO Jessie


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