Save money this summer

Save money this summer


It’s that time of year again, summer is here and in full swing, which means the kids are home a lot more, and their friends and cousins are coming over a lot more too. With so many people in and out of your house the bills are bound to go up; but with this cool item, you can save money in the long run.

Don’t let the size detour you, it emits amazing light power! It only takes 4 triple A (AAA) batteries to operate, has a magnetic strip, and the best part…it’s MOTION SENSOR. The light turns on when it notices motion, and shuts off after a few seconds when motion isn’t detected any longer, meaning your battery life expectancy will be 6 months or longer, and during that time your LED can be used for 100 thousand hours!!

It’s small enough to fit anywhere and works great. Place it in your kitchen, in your bathroom, or in your hallway to help navigate your path to bed.

I love how bright this LED is and it’s motion sensor technology, it saves on battery life and my electric bill, it’s a win/win for parents everywhere this summer. Get yours by visiting the link below, and start saving money this summer.


XO Jessie






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