LAPOTHICELL – Skin Care Review – KBeauty

LAPOTHICELL – Skin Care Review – KBeauty

I’ve had the opportunity to work with the two South Korean skincare brands recently and can’t wait to tell you all about them. This post will focus on the Lapothicell skincare brand; to learn about the other brand I got to work with click here.
Lapothicell is real Dermo-cosmetics developed in South Korea for the whole family and safe for every skin type. “Lapothi” means ‘cure’ in old French, and “cell” means skin cells. The word “Lapothicell” translates literally as “cure the skin cell”. It is derived from Kukje Pharm specialists’ knowledge and high technology skin science research “Lapothicell” provide a clear solution for every skin type as fundamental treatment. It provides hypoallergenic treatment and effective ingredients to skin until everyone has healthy skin.
I was drawn to this brand because Lapothicell is mild on the skin but has great results. It safely aims to deliver specific results by intensive dermatology and clinical testing. They use the highest performing botanical ingredients that yield desired results. They don’t test on animals and they don’t use artificial colorants, or parabens.

What did I get to test out?

  • Sensitive Cleansing Water
  • A.C. Daily Calming Peeling Booster
  • Natural Mineral Sun Protection
  • White Oxygen Tone Up Sleeping Mask
  • Tone Up & Clear Serum
  • Tone Up & Cover Cushion

Sensitive Cleansing Water: The cleansing water removes all makeup and impurities without irritation while it helps maintain healthy skin. Tears-C is a unique component which is derived from human tears and provides deep cleansing to remove makeup and impurities without irritation.
A.C. Daily Calming Peeling Booster: A simple daily use for radiant and renewed skin. This product maintains AHA and botanical BHA ingredients for correcting skin sebum and removing dead surface skin cells and improving acne prone skin.
Natural Mineral Sun Protection: This mild formula provides strong protection from UV rays. This is an SPF 50+ PA+++ offering powerful UV defense yet is mild enough for sensitive skin and children.
White Oxygen Tone Up Sleeping Mask: Instant oxygen bubble foaming, a skin tone balancing and brightening formula, also rich in nourishing hydrator’s that delivers soft and smooth skin during sleep. You will wake up feeling your skin rejuvenated and having a natural healthy glow.
Tone Up & Clear Serum: A solution for wrinkles, fine lines and brightening. This is a highly concentrated hydrating serum that penetrates deep inside giving you silky finish. It also brightens and restores your skin to healthier and natural glow.
Tone Up & Cover Cushion: This is a solution for wrinkles, fine lines and brightening daily skincare + makeup in one, ‘Tone Up and Cover Cushion’ is a multi-functional solution. It will tone up your skin while giving good coverage in no time. It gives a powdery finish and is light weight like you are not wearing any makeup. It leaves your skin hydrated when applied and works with your own skin tone so you look like you were born with naturally perfect skin.

These are amazing products that have been clinically tested to improve blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin cells and skin smoothness. I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with the Lapothicell brand and review these products and share them with all of you. If you would like to learn more about Lapothicell or purchase any of their products click here.

XO Jessie


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