I received the Oasis Voxbox from Influenster, a free service that matches you with products based on your profile, likes, interests and various surveys. Now let’s talk about the products in my Oasis Voxbox.

Oasis VoxBox

  • Evolution Fresh Coupon – A coupon for a FREE bottle of Evolution Fresh. Evolution Fresh is passionate about inspiring people to thrive. They craft premium cold-pressed juices using the most flavorful fruits and veggies to give us juice that’s both nutritious and satisfying.
  • Welch’s Fruit Rolls – Snacking lovers everywhere can now Unroll the Fun with NEW Welch’s Fruit Rolls! Welch’s Fruit Rolls have fruit as the first ingredient and feature 100% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C. They have three delicious flavors, Berry, White Grape Strawberry and Tropical Punch.
  • Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer – With 10 benefits in 1 miracle potion, this hair primer does it all: detangles, nourishes, strengthens, softens, cuts drying time, adds shine, reduces frizz, and protects against damage. Argan oil feeds hair with vitamins and nutrients, while sunflower seed oil repairs, nourishes and protects.
  • COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation – This is a full coverage foundation that provides the ideal balance between a matte and radiant finish with healthy skincare built in. With an SPF of 20, this skin-loving formula is infused with a trio of vitamins that reduces stressed micro texture via hydration, for a look that’s healthier than bare skin. COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation continues to hydrate the skin throughout the day by attracting and holding in moisture, as well as managing sebum to maintain a fresh, healthy look.
  • ALOHA Protein Bars (in Peanut Butter & Jelly or Mocha) – ALOHA’s organic protein bars are full of 14 grams of plant-based protein and free of gluten, dairy, soy, and stevia – everything you need and nothing you don’t.
  • Vera Wang Embrace – A collection of fragrances that evokes the intimacy and emotion of Vera Wang, capturing moments in time to be cherished & embraced.



The Evolution Fresh Orange Juice is my favorite! It’s so much yummy than Tropicana or Sunny D, it’s smooth and healthy. Anyone who knows me knows I love gushers, fruit roll ups, fruit by the foot, nerds, taffy, the list goes on and on with me. I normally purchase the Betty Crocker Brand and I love them, but if I’m comparing the Welch’s Fruit Rolls next to the Betty Crocker Fruit by the foot, I would choose the Welch’s! They are sweet but not overly sweet, they also are smoother and easier to chew than the Betty Crocker brand, and my favorite flavors in both Betty Crocker and Welch’s are the Tropical Punch and Berry. I’m so glad I got the chance to test out Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer. I use it after I get out of the shower while my hair is still damp, it makes combing and styling so much easier. I love that it protects my hair against my heating tools because I can be harsh to my hair at times. I must say that this is one of my new favorites and the perfect dupe for my It’s a 10. The COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation is beautiful!! I received the shade buff beige and it matches my skin perfectly. It glides on smoothly, it didn’t irritate my skin it actually did leave my skin feeling more hydrated, it’s not heavy but does provide full coverage, and it smells nice too and has great staying power. The ALOHA Protein Bar I received was the Peanut Butter & Jelly flavor and I enjoyed it. It has a nice chewy texture that is sweet but not too sugary if that makes sense, and you can taste hints of the peanut butter throughout the bar. The Vera Wang Embrace fragrances I received are the Rose Buds and Vanilla scent and the Periwinkle and Iris scent. These are both nice floral scents, I prefer the Periwinkle and Iris scent over the Rose Buds and Vanilla. The Rose Buds and Vanilla scent has an overwhelming rose smell when first sprayed, it dissipates after a few minutes but it’s worth noting if you are sensitive to smells.

So there you have it, all in all I really love my Oasis Voxbox it was filled with products that fit with me perfectly. If you received the Oasis Voxbox tell me what you thought of it in the comments below. Which product(s) did you love and which did you dislike? Thank you all again for helping support my blog and continuing to read my posts, I appreciate it more than I can express.

***Disclaimer*** I received all the above products complimentary for testing purposes.

XO Jessie


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