Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips Review

Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips Review

I am so excited to introduce these new healthy chips from Beanfields. I received these chips complimentary from Momsmeet and Beanfields, and have been testing them out with family and friends for a couple of weeks now and finally get to share all the details with you.

The market is exploding currently with all things healthy, and Beanfields is a leader in the healthy chip market. Their chips are packed with protein, high fiber and are better for you. They are always vegan & Gluten Free, plant-based, allergen friendly (no dairy & no corn) and Non-GMO Project Verified. They contain 5 grams of Protein, 6 grams of Fiber, are Kosher and are made in the USA. Available in share and snack size in 7 flavors. Bean and Rice chips are made simply with black and navy beans, rice, oil and natural seasonings.

Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips include the following flavors:

  • Sea Salt – These are nice chips that have the right amount of crunch and seasoning, and fix any salt cravings.
  • Jalapeno Nacho – These chips pack a punch and are much spicier than the Pico De Gallo chips.
  • Nacho – These are nice cheesy dairy-free chips, they are tasty, unique, bold and perfect substitute for Doritos.
  • Pico De Gallo – These chips are full of flavor with a mild salsa kick.
  • Barbecue – These chips are a nice mixture of the sweet and savory smoked barbecue that we love.
  • Black Bean with Sea Salt – These chips had an earthy flavor but are nice when combined with a dip.
  • White Bean with Sea Salt – These chips are more neutral but are nice when combined with a dip too.

You can purchase Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips At:

All in all I’ve really enjoyed getting to try out these tasty new chips and look forward to seeing what other flavors they come up with. If you’ve tried these chips let me know in the comments below which one(s) you enjoyed and which one(s) you plan to try next. As always thank you for stopping by my page, be sure to follow me to stay up-to-date with even more awesome products.

XO Jessie

For More Product Information: Visit the Beanfields website at Beanfields Snacks


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