Take Me Back To Brazil

Take Me Back To Brazil

This time we are capturing the excitement of Rio’s Carnival, with their 35 color pressed pigment palette, it doesn’t really need an introduction as I’m sure you have heard its name before, it’s the beautiful Take Me Back To Brazil palette from bh cosmetics.


This palette has cover that shouts carnival fun, it’s made of sturdy cardboard with a magnetic closing lid and a small mirror that is surrounded with festive décor.


As you can see from the above picture this palette is quite vibrant and colorful. The bottom “bars” contain two highlighter shades and a black shadow. The highlighter on the left is a pink and silver duo chrome and the highlighter on the right is green and silver duo chrome. I noticed that the highlighters don’t adhere as well to a bare face as they do to a face that is made up with a foundation, so keep that in mind. Also these highlighters have a TON of kickback if you don’t swipe the brush gently across them; I’m not one to complain about kickback so the fact that I am pointing out its’ “tonnage” says a lot.
Now onto the shadows, depending on which color you choose some are more smoother and buttery than others but all of these shadows are richly pigmented. I’ll post a picture below stating the consistency I feel each shade is along with color swatches so that you can get an idea of how they look. I think this palette has a nice arrangement of colors and mixture of matte and shimmer shadows. I love that I was able to pick up a lot of product with my brush without needing to dig into the pan and unlike the highlighters, the shadows didn’t seem to have much kickback at all. I LOVE the stay power these bad boys have, I did prime my eyes before applying them and used setting spray afterwards but they stayed in place without creasing, fading, flaking, smearing or smudging for 7+ hours. These shadows are build-able so you can adjust them to your preference on intensity, and they blend together nicely too which I enjoy. All in all for the price I paid (I got this palette on sale and only paid 11.99) I think this is a great palette. I don’t think it’s everyone’s cup of tea because it is so bold and vibrant, but if you collect palettes it’s definitely one to add to the collection.


I hope you have enjoyed learning more about the Take Me Back To Brazil palette, if you haven’t subscribed yet please do so you don’t miss any up-coming product reviews and giveaways. Thank you all for stopping by I hope to see you next time.

XO Jessie


One thought on “Take Me Back To Brazil

  1. Those are some bright colors! The pigmentation is incredible. I love seeing affordable palettes that are good quality. I just can’t bring myself to invest $60+ on eye shadows.


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