If you love the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows don’t miss out on their Dusk ‘Till Dawn set, it is part of their holiday collection and is limited edition. It features 6 gorgeous, highly pigmented super shock shadows in the unique formula that unlike any other. For those who aren’t familiar Super Shock Shadows have a bouncy wet formula that gives you shocking pigmentation.


Dusk ‘Till Dawn Set Includes:

  • New Magic: Is a duo chrome bright white with blue/green sparkle and a pearl finish. This is the only sheer shadow in this set, it stays put and looks great.
  • StarGirl: This is a beautiful rose gold with golden sparkles. It’s nicely pigmented and can be built up and blended.
  • BabyKins Super Shock Shadow: Is a gorgeous purple plum with violet glitter. This is one of my favorites, it has great pigmentation, can be built-up and is easy to blend out.
  • Goodish: Is a pinky lavender with gold and violet sparkles throughout. I love adding this to my inner corners to brighten my eyes as well as using it for a cut crease look.
  • Half Light Super Shock Shadow: Is a purple berry shade with gold and blue glitter. When I first looked at this shadow it seemed like it would be a greenish silvery shade but was pleasantly surprised when I tested it out.
  • Slay Bells: Is a beautiful brown with red sparkles. I love the intense pigmentation of this shadow, it goes on smooth and evenly, it can be built-up and blended out and can easily transition from a day to night look.

Dusk 'Till Dawn (1)

These shadows do come in their own cute box that would be a great addition to any vanity (if I can find a small enough mirror I may add it to the inside because I’m “extra” like that, but this set is fantastic even without it). As I stated before this set is limited edition so get it while you can. Thanks for stopping by my page, be sure to follow me to stay up-to-date with even more amazing products and reviews.

XO Jessie



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