The Jaclyn Hill Palette

The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Hello beauties I wanted to do a quick post on my Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette, I received it for Christmas but as usual I’m behind on posting, I easily get distracted and when I get new products I want to post about them first and foremost but I’ve got a lot of stuff from my birthday and Christmas that I haven’t posted about yet and I think they are really good so I plan to be posting about them as well as my newer stuff. Before I dive into this post I would like to say thank you to my wonderful friend and sister blogger Lyndsey for convincing me that I needed this palette.

Jacyln Hill Morphe Palette (1)

For those who are unaware of Jaclyn Hill, she is a huge makeup lover/guru, before this palette she was known on Youtube for all of her makeup tutorial videos if you haven’t checked her out, do so she’s awesome. She collaborated with Morphe and created this wonderful palette that consists of a wide range of neutrals and pops of color with the intention of it being inclusive and accommodating for all skin tones. This palette contains 35 eye shadows and is a great mixture of mattes and shimmers. I’m not a huge fan of mattes but I must say that this palette has definitely changed my opinion on mattes and my need for them. The texture of these shadows are so soft and smooth and glide on like a dream. They are extremely pigmented and the “pops” of color are vibrant in the palette and on the skin. The only shadow that seemed to have quite a bit kick up in the palette fallout was Abyss. My favorite shadow from this palette is Sissy it’s a gorgeous duochrome pink with a golden flip and I can’t get enough of it. All in all this palette is a 5 out of 5, the shade range is perfect for creating numerous stunning eye looks, the pigmentation and formula is exactly what a great eye shadow should be; this palette is well worth the price and a purchase you won’t regret.


Jacyln Hill Morphe Palette Swatches

Jacyln Hill Morphe Palette Swatches (1)

Jacyln Hill Morphe Palette Swatches (2)

Thank you all for stopping by my page, be sure to follow me to see even more great products and reviews. If you have this palette let me know which shadow(s) are your favorites?

XO Jessie

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